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“Thank you very very much for the rapid feedback...I appreciate you guys and this app greatly and just want to say that has really helped me to stay accountable for my own sobriety.”

– Wesley, DynamiCare member


Our Platform

DynamiCare’s easy-to-use technology includes random breath and saliva tests submitted through the app, verified treatment attendance check-ins, a supportive Recovery Coach, rewards for healthy progress, and a dashboard for supporters.

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Substance Testing

Members perform random breath and saliva substance tests through our app anytime, anywhere.

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verified Appointment check-ins

The app automatically checks members into appointments that are important for their recovery.

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Recovery Coaching

An individually-matched coach serves as a mentor and resource navigator who helps members set tailored, achievable goals.

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Financial REWARDS

Successful substance tests and appointment check-ins earn rewards on a smart debit card that blocks access to cash, liquor stores, and other forms of risky spending.

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Supporter portal

Family and friends can add funds to their loved one’s reward account and track the recovery activity that the member is willing to share.

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Healthcare Provider Portal

Using our website, a member’s healthcare team can view activity, adjust settings, and receive early warning notifications if the member is at risk.

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For people who want to quit.

Substance use affects nearly all Americans in some way — a family member, friend, co-worker, or maybe even you are struggling silently and desperate for help. Traditional approaches to recovery can be expensive, embarrassing, difficult to access, and sometimes just ineffective. Furthermore, many individuals are unable (or unwilling) to engage in formalized treatment but still want to help themselves, but unfortunately they do not know where to turn. This is who DynamiCare is designed for.

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Wraparound support.

Though we are not a treatment program, our support system offers key components of a successful recovery program but none of the hassle, nor the shame! We offer remote substance testing, appointment tracking, therapy modules, recovery coaching, AND we reward our members for their progress.


It’s not just an app. 

Every member is personally matched with a trained Recovery Coach. Our coaches talk to members over voice/video calls every week to set goals, create wellness plans, and motivate them to stay on track. Though our coaches do not serve as treatment clinicians or medical practitioners, you can rest easy knowing that there is always a real person on the other end of our technology.

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Developed by world-class experts in addiction & recovery

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David Gastfriend, MD

DynamiCare Co-Founder and
Chief Medical Officer

David was CEO of the Treatment Research Institute, VP of Scientific Communications at the pharmaceutical company Alkermes, and Director of the Addiction Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Paul Earley headshot.jpeg

Paul Earley, MD

DynamiCare VP of Medical Affairs

Paul is the President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. An addiction medicine physician for over 25 years, Paul has authored numerous books and articles on addiction.

Patrick Kennedy headshot.jpg

Patrick Kennedy

DynamiCare Advisor and Investor

Patrick is a former U.S. Representative (D-RI), founder of The Kennedy Forum and, and a former member of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.


What people are saying about DynamiCare


“Dynamicare has been an important support for those in early recovery. Clients enjoy the positive reward of money for each test they pass as well as the accountability factor. It is an additional safety net for the client, never knowing when a test will come up keeps them on their toes. As a clinician, it allows monitoring at times we would not typically be able to as results are sent to us. Overall, a wonderful product.”


Celeste Rogers
Licensed mental health clinician


“Dynamicare has proven to be very successful for us in further improving our outcomes for patients with Substance Use Disorder – specifically opioids.  We are seeing high utilization of the CBT modules as well as greater reductions in drug use and higher attendance of therapy sessions.  Combined with our biopsychosocial program (which includes MAT when indicated), this platform will help to keep us on the cutting edge of treatment and technology while improving outcomes.”


Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA, ABEM, ABAM
Chief Medical Officer

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"I was a skeptic at first, but DynamiCare has changed this program. The clients are more engaged. They used to sit around the house all day, now they are out in the community, reconnecting with family, going to the gym, and multiple AA/NA meetings a week. I can see the difference in our own metrics, they stay sober for longer and we have more successful graduates completing the program."

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Arthur Adams
House Manager at Gavin House

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DynamiCare makes healthy behavior change convenient through accountability and encouragement.

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