Our Mission:

Technology Targeting Substance Use

DynamiCare Health is a technology platform that addresses substance use and rewards healthy behavior.


What We Do


DynamiCare helps people
achieve healthy goals with:

  • Opioids

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • and other drugs


Our Platform

DynamiCare makes healthy behavior convenient through accountability and encouragement.


True Accountability

Measure progress through breathalyzer and saliva drug tests — performed through the phone, verified by selfie video.



Leverage financial support through our platform as rewards for healthy behavior, via a smart debit card that blocks access to bars and cash.


Predictive ANalytics

Set up real-time risk alerts for healthcare providers and family to be able to provide support & encouragement when most needed.

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Why DynamiCare?



All activity monitoring is verified by technology: random breathalyzer and saliva drug tests via selfie video, and appointment attendance via GPS tracking.


Progress towards health goals is encouraged and rewarded by prizes and financial support from family, employers or health plans — celebrating healthy lifestyle changes.


Substance test can be performed anytime, anywhere, and appointment attendance is tracked automatically. Healthcare providers get real-time visibility on progress between sessions.


Research is the backbone of what we do.  Our positive, rewards-based approach has been recommended by the NIH, U.S. Surgeon General, American Society of Addiction Medicine, and over 100 randomized controlled trials.


“DynamiCare lets me do my job as a recovery coach more effectively - and it was instrumental when giving families more detailed updates.”

-Gretchen Schwelm, Recovery Manager at Gosnold, Inc.

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