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 What is Contingency Management?

Contingency Management (CM) leverages the power of incentives for recovery and is the foundation of DynamiCare’s rewards-based approach.

CM is one of the most effective and evidence-based psychosocial treatments for substance use disorders. In over 100 randomized controlled trials and 7 meta-analyses, CM significantly enhances outcomes.


 Leading Research


Dutra Et Al.

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Alessi and Petry

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Campbell et al.

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Reynolds et al.

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 Our Contribution


Despite proven success, CM is used by less than 10% of U.S. treatment programs. Practical barriers to adoption include lack of funds, the frequent drug testing required, lack of training for staff, and the difficulty of managing the rewards.

DynamiCare solves obstacles that have prevented CM’s adoption by using a fully automated, convenient platform that includes random substance tests, GPS treatment attendance tracking, and accountable monetary rewards.

Our goal is to make CM easy and accessible for researchers everywhere, and contribute to this critical and growing field.


Gosnold SBIR

The largest substance use disorder program on Cape Cod has implemented DynamiCare for their outpatient programs. This NIH-funded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) study is tracking 60 patients through a 12-week period, randomized between a control and DynamiCare-managed group.

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University of vermont

Researchers at the University of Vermont are currently implementing DynamiCare in a study to evaluate CM in smoking cessation treatments for pregnant women. The study randomizes 152 participants into treatment and control groups and makes use of six formal assessments (3 during and 3 post pregnancy) to evaluate treatment compliance.


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DynamiCare can streamline your study management, improve validity, enhance flexibility, increase data quality and resolution – all at lower cost than any other approach.


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Grant Template

We know writing grants can be tedious and time consuming. To get you started, here's a template that can be used to introduce our platform and to provide some CM background.

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