June Release Notes: New Supporter Portal, Faster Appointment Input and More

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.


Featured Update

Supporter Portal

Members who would like to invite a Supporter to view their progress in recovery through the DynamiCare app can now do so!

Supporters are family members, friends, sponsors, or other individuals who have helped the member in their recovery.

How it works:

  1. A DynamiCare member invites a Supporter to view their progress. The member chooses what information they’d like to share.

  2. Supporters receive an invitation to login to our web portal, where they can access updates about the member’s activity on DynamiCare.

  3. Supporters can go the extra mile by contributing money to the person they are supporting! Money contributed is safely and gradually earned by the member as rewards when they complete recovery-based activities through the app.

We are excited about this new feature because it allows members to include their full support network in their journey with DynamiCare. If you’d like to get started, please contact our support team!

What’s New

  • Faster appointment input - You can now add new appointment locations by name (i.e. St. John’s Church), and not just by address! This and some other nifty enhancements should make entering a new appointment faster and more accurate.

  • Input urine test results - We now have the ability to add past urine test results to a member’s activity record and reward negative results! This gives providers a more complete picture of a member’s disposition and may help improve outcomes.

  • Better display of past activities - Members will now be able to see the rewards they earned for each completed activity. This helps keep them motivated and provides a record of what was earned in the past.

  • More accurate appointment tracking on Android - We were experiencing some appointment tracking issues on Android devices due to the operating system shutting down our app’s location tracking during the appointment. The latest version of the Android app should keep our app “alive” and fix these issues!

  • Security upgrades - We are now using a more standard and improved authentication mechanism to log members in or out of the app. We are also hiding sensitive substance test results from push notifications to protect member privacy.

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Tips for Providers

Want to prevent missed substance tests?

You can turn on a setting for “Enhanced Reminders” that will call or text a member if they have a randomly assigned substance test.

We’ve found many members appreciate a phone call so they don’t miss a test!