How it works for families:

Fund Your Loved One’s Recovery
- the Accountable Way


When you give money to a loved one, do you know if it helps or hurts them?

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Give Money Safely

Individuals earn money gradually by completing tasks through our mobile app
- the money is trackable and protected from misuse.


Make Accountability Automatic 

We verify that your loved one is staying:


On Track

Random breath or saliva tests
performed over selfie video


In Treatment

GPS tracking
for 12-step meetings and therapy

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How Rewards Work

  1. Contribute funds to your loved one through DynamiCare.

  2. Patients earn money only
    by staying on track and in treatment.

  3. Our smart debit card protects recovery;
    it blocks liquor stores and cash withdrawals, and alerts the care team about risky spending.


 Why Trust Us

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Support Someone

If someone you know could benefit from using DynamiCare, you can support them
by signing up for our earlybird coaching program.


We’re here to help.

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