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What You Pay

  • $230 per month for 3 months, plus $100 per month in rewards that can be earned back by the member.

  • We require a 3-month introductory commitment for all new customers. It helps our members stay committed and allows our coaches to provide the best support possible.

What You Get

  • $100 per month in rewards for the member to earn. Any rewards not earned by the member can be refunded to supporters.

  • DynamiCare Recovery Coach who will schedule weekly check-ins with the member, monitor progress in DynamiCare, reach out to the member in response to missed tasks or positive substance tests, and communicate with supporters.

  • Unlimited use of police-grade, bluetooth-connected breathalyzer device ($150 value).

  • 9-panel saliva tests covering opioids, stimulants, THC, and benzodiazepines, up to 15 tests per month, as necessary ($15 value per test).

  • DynamiCare staff review of all substance test selfie videos, to verify accuracy of results.

  • Appointment reminders and GPS check-ins via DynamiCare app.

  • Smart debit card that blocks cash withdrawals and spending at bars and liquor stores.

Refund policy: Your initial payment is fully refundable as long as you or your loved one return the unopened substance testing equipment that we ship upon enrolling. We cannot grant a full refund once the equipment has been opened, though we will refund any remaining reward funds that have not yet been earned by the member.

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