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Why Dynamicare

40M Americans are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
They need more effective treatment and more accessible care.
Addiction impairs the brain’s motivation center, but incentivizing abstinence and treatment reengages that motivation – providing the foundation for recovery. Research has consistently shown that Contingency Management (CM) improves outcomes for all substances. However, further research is still necessary to highlight the broad possible impacts. As an optimized, automated CM operation, DynamiCare is the solution to the barriers to CM. By integrating DynamiCare into a research study, investigators can apply world-class addiction expertise, gamification, behavioral economics, and machine learning to tackle a national epidemic. 

Previous Studies

To date there have been over 100 RCT's and 7 meta-analyses that demonstrate the effectiveness of CM. However less than 10% of treatment programs incorporate CM. Practical barriers to adoption include lack of funds, the frequent drug testing required, lack of training for staff, difficulty of managing the rewards, and accounting for funds on an individual basis. For researchers, managing the details of CM ends up occupying much of the time research assistants, as a result of the inability to recruit clinical providers to conduct what should really be a clinical process. An automated version of CM is crucial to overcoming these barriers, and DynamiCare is the optimal method to achieve this. 



Current studies

Investigators in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic U.S. regions were the first to implement DynamiCare into their research studies. Our partners recognize the value of DynamiCare's proprietary platform and the immense impact it could have on addiction treatments across the world.