Same benefits as before,
plus some new ones

DynamiCare’s easy-to-use digital suite includes access to a supportive Recovery Coach, verified treatment attendance check-ins, random breath and saliva tests submitted through the app, and rewards for healthy progress.

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Personalized Recovery Coaching

You’ll be matched with a certified recovery coach to serve as a guide to help you set tailored, achievable goals.

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automated Appointment check-ins

Your app will automatically check you into appointments that are important for your recovery.

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Private & secure Substance Testing

Perform random breath and saliva substance tests through our app anytime, anywhere.

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Financial REWARDS

Earn back up to $100 a month of your investment on your smart debit card as a reward for making healthy choices.

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Supporter portal

If you would like to engage your family and friends more actively in your recovery, you can grant them access to our Supporter Portal, where they can add funds to your reward account and track recovery activity that you are willing to share.



$330 Per Month

$230 Membership Subscription
+ $100 Investment in Rewards