How to get started

For people managing their recovery:

member 1.png

Purchase a subscription for yourself, or accept an invitation from a loved one

member 2.png

Download the app and meet your matched recovery coach for the first time

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Set healthy goals with your coach and stay accountable with drug tests and meetings

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As you make progress, you’ll earn rewards on a smart debit card that blocks cash withdrawals and risky spending

For supporters of a person Managing their recovery:

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Give the gift of accountable recovery by purchasing DynamiCare for your loved one

supporter 2.png

After your loved one is set up, you’ll receive an invite to our platform and a welcome call

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See how your loved one is doing, and get alerts from our team if they are at risk

supporter 4.png

Give money to your loved one the accountable way - it’s trackable and protected from misuse